Welcome everyone too my page this page is based on well gorgeous men all over the world its not based on their hair skin color body type eye color etc everyone is gorgeous in their own way and alot of the men on this site are naked lol so you could get why i pick out this name. RULES of this site if you see someone you know like a ex new BF best friend dad brother whatever let me know i will remove the pic i dont give out their info or etc I don't re blog people i want too say i did all this on my own and with a lot of mine followers help so thank you =) i don't post Porn or modeling pics or videos and clips from porn's sorry and if you wanna be posted on my page just let me know I dont follow anyone under age am sorry i just dont i don't save other peoples pics from other blogs every pic that is posted on my page i could tell you who their are and where the guy is from i give facts am not rude or cocky i dont have a reason too be i dont disrespect or over look my blog with hate so this is a HATE FREE ZONE and thats about it GOD IS LOVE
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